… From a magical world he comes.

He puts a spell in taking care of little children.

In the day-time he is telling fairy tales. I heard one…

so do you want? ..."

About us

First, let me introduce myself – my name is Desislava Plachkova – Manuelyan.

My occupation is a nurse and a few years ago (some time before) I worked in Reanimation in Children’s Surgery of Plovdiv. The time spent there helped me understand that there’s nothing of greater importance than the smile of a healthy and pleased child.

It all started with the change in life of my colleagues and friends after they became parents and had children. In my opinion – and I assume most of you will agree with me – it is not necessary for a woman to lose her identity, her personal life and contacts after she give birth to children.

That brought me to the idea that such a center or a kindergarten will be really useful to the parents and their “little precious”.

Now, a couple of years later the team that helps me with the care for children consists of nurses, pedagogues, assistance supervisors, social experts and of course the consultants of the center.

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